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Sponsored by Penn State’s Department of Humanities and Center for the Protection of Children

iLookOut provides online, interactive courses initially designed for people who work or volunteer at child care programs, all of which are free of charge. iLookOut's Core Training satisfies state requirements for mandated reporter training in Maine and Pennsylvania. iLookOut's Advanced Training Courses reinforce and expand on key issues introduced in the core training. Advanced training touches on topics related to child well-being (e.g., resilience, trauma-informed care, adverse childhood experiences, substance use disorders, etc.).

Because it's important to make sure that iLookOut has a strong evidence-base, this project involves a research component that includes making the various iLookOut trainings available at different points in time, depending on where you work/volunteer.

To learn whether you can access iLookOut now, go to the Registration Page and enter your information.

To learn more about the iLookOut project in your state, visit or contact us at: